SciLabware Limited is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laboratory glassware and laboratory reusable plasticware, supplying the scientific community with world renowned brands.

Our extensive range of glass and plastic labware comprises over 3,000 general purpose and specialised products carrying some of the best known names in science - Azlon®, MBL®, Pyrex®, Quickfit® andRotaflo®.

From glass beakers and condensers to plastic measuring cylinders and washbottles, the comprehensive range of SciLabware products finds applications in all types of laboratory. The company also specialises in the hot manipulation of glass from tubing and intermediate components and also manufactures custom glass products for a wide variety of technical and industrial applications.

We work to the most rigorous International standards. Product excellence is achieved by the enforcement of strict quality standards and meticulous quality control, supported by the specialist skills of some of the worlds most experienced glassblowers and polymer technicians.

The result is a quality conscious culture committed to total customer satisfaction.







Schott DURAN

The properties of DURAN® are specified in ISO 3585. In contrast to other borosilicate 3.3 glasses, DURAN® is notable for its highly consistent, technically reproducible quality.

Very high chemical resistance, a high usage temperature, minimal thermal expansion and the resulting high resistance to thermal shock are its most significant properties. This optimum physical and chemical performance makes DURAN® the ideal material for use in the laboratory and for the manufacture of chemical apparatus used in large-scale industrial plant. It is also widely used on an industrial scale in all other application areas in which extreme heat resistance, resistance to thermal shock, mechanical strength and exceptional chemical resistance are required.






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